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Take a look at top E-scooter startups around the world

Currently, everybody is raving about the new trend, escooter, which has become a global sensation and generated billions of dollars from the U.S. to Asia.

The E-scooter sparked fulfilled a need that individuals from all over could relate too, which is predominantly how trends start, isn’t it? However, unlike the beauty blender that took off with a bang on markets all around the world without warning, it’s no doubt that the electric scooter has made its mark, and is currently, growing even more popular.

Now, of course, there are countries like China that prefer other means of transport, like electric bikes, which have recently been sold by the thousands in Asia. However, the E-scooter is still a favourite among U.S. citizens, European, and Asian countries.
In fact, people believe that it will sustain the environment for the future, preventing the constant production of fossil fuels, which enters the air from cars and public transportation vehicles.

The Popular Trend That Took the World by Storm

Once upon a time, there were a few individuals who saw the potential in what an E-scooter could be, and then it involved into something no one ever could’ve imagined it would. It became a start-up company, followed by a few more start-up companies that caught on to the trend, and turned one idea into a billion-dollar generating industry.

Who are these start-up companies and who is considered the best of the best in the industry?

The best electric scooter start-up brands include the popular Zoom, Razor, Xiaomi, Swagtron, Ninebot, and EcoReco.
These are a few of the most popular brands that managed to catch onto the electric scooter trend.

Most of these start-up companies were found in Asia and still till today, mass manufactures E-scooters for both Asia and the U.S.

The E-scooter’s popularity spiraled during its first few years on the market and considering that countries in Asia, like China, are experiencing major pollution problems, it served as the ultimate solution in the attempt to slow down or prevent even more air and other types of pollution.

Another reason why the electric scooters usa trend took off in USA, was because they experienced a problem concerning traffic, as a result of their high numbers of residents living in US, which is not slowing down anytime soon.

The E-scooter thus, serves as a solution to these countries, which is why it has become so popular, even taking the U.S. and Europe by storm.

The Best Electric Scooter Start-Up Brands on the Market

Zoom Scooters As a Singapore-based company, Zoom Stryder is one of the best E-scooter manufacturers in the world. Not only do they have an innovative approach for when it comes to E-scooters, but they additionally, also listen to their customers and fulfil the request as per their customers reviews. This allows them to stay on top of the game and provide the best possible product they could’ve ever imagined designing. Their foldable E-scooters can be shipped to anywhere in the world, which also gives them an upper-hand in the market, particularly because they cater to the needs of their customers, while achieving a sense of accessibility and style that few brands on the market possess. Zoom Stryder launched in 2018 and has already experienced a lot of success.

• Razor – It’s hard to believe that scooters have been around for decades, but thinking about the original scooter, it’s not quite something that compares to the newly improved electric scooter whatsoever. Take Razor, for instance, their first scooter was the standard scooter the adults of today remember as their childhood ride, paired with a ton of effort. Luckily today, scooters have been revolutionized.

Razor’s first electric scooter was introduced in the early 2000s and was designed to serve as more of a child’s toy than anything else. Starting from nothing and creating the simplest of scooters you can think of, Razor made waves years later, with the release of their incredible kick-scooters and eventually transitioning to designing electric scooters for both kids, as well as foldable electric scooters for adults.

The company has managed to maintain a good reputation throughout the years and have sold more than 13 million electric scooters over the past decade. What also keeps them relevant, is the fact that they release multiple electric scooters at once to ensure they stay relevant on the market.

• Xiaomi – Xiaomi is a brand that has become exceedingly popular in cities all over the U.S. by making use of a scooter sharing ride application and in 2018, has even manufactured their E-scooters for Bird in 2018.

This company is very successful and has become the biggest Smartphone Company in China, even competing with major companies like iPhone and Samsung. Xiaomi is currently, also working on personal transport solutions in the U.S., including the E-scooter trend.

• Swagtron – If you’ve researched the term ‘foldable E-scooters’ before, then you’ve probably come across Swagtron a couple of times. It is an incredibly popular E-scooter brand and is well known for manufacturing everything from E-scooters, skateboards, electric bikes, hoverboards and more.

Found in 2015, the company is relatively new but has managed to break out in the market, by simply focusing on their means of production. The company’s central focus is to deliver high-quality products and put extra thought in their design of products, the development thereof, manufacturing, sales, marketing, logistics, and the distribution of their different means of transportation.

• EcoReco – This electric scooter company was established in California in 2013. What started out as a small-scale company, has turned into a massive success, manufacturing various types of electric vehicles, including electric scooters.

The E-scooter company have partnered with a few of the most reputable names in technology, including Sony, to help them improve their scooters and aid in the modern design of smart technology.

As a company that constantly pushes the envelope and focuses on innovation, EcoReco’s success can be measured by looking at their devoted customers. Offering a 2-year warranty on their scooters, paired with exceptional customer service, EcoReco success speaks for itself.

• Ninebot – Manufactured by Segway, this company’s goal was to create a means of transportation, otherwise known as the ‘personal transportation robot’, to provide a solution for short-distance commutes.

Their electric scooters are particularly popular, due to it being very affordable while maintaining a high standard of quality. Unlike other E-scooter brands, Ninebot also allows you to upgrade your E-scooter, which will enable you to go faster, ride longer and even make use of an additional battery, should you run out on your first battery while commuting. The additional battery is most definitely a game changer, as you may get stuck riding or must go further than the standard E-scooter allows you to go.

The Segway Ninebot represents the very meaning of the innovation of tech and is particularly preferred by the millennial tech-savvy generation.